How Occlusal Guards can protect the smile while you sleep

Dr. Tokiko Poppe is a dentist in the area of Bellevue, Washington, who sees patients regularly with a range of dental concerns. But did you know that she also helps with conditions that can affect the smile, such as bruxism? Her office is equipped, and her team is experienced in managing various issues that impact the mouth.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is best described by the team at Cosmos Dentistry as unconscious clenching and grinding of the teeth during sleep. Some patients may find that their jaw joint is sore or painful when they awaken from rest. This may be a sign that bruxism is occurring, even if patients don’t realize it. Additionally, this condition may be spotted by an experienced dentist who may notice wear on the natural teeth that may be indicative of clenching and grinding at night.

How can I protect my smile from bruxism?

First, our team will provide an official diagnosis of bruxism when possible and then talk to patients about treatment options. Some patients will find that certain medications can make them more likely to clench and grind, or periods of higher stress may also cause an increase in bruxism symptoms. Addressing these issues first may be enough to stop the problem. However, those who are unable to control the issue may find that the use of a Occlusal Guards for the teeth, also referred to as a mouthguard, for sleeping, can help protect the smile and reduce the tension in the jaw joint that can cause pain and discomfort during their waking hours. Our team can evaluate you and determine if you could benefit from a special Occlusal Guards for teeth grinding.

Learn more about using a dental mouthguard for sleeping with the team at Cosmos Dentistry

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