What Are The Advantages Of Digital Dental Imaging Versus Traditional Dental X-Rays?

At Cosmos Dentistry of Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Tokiko Poppe and her team of professionals believe in providing solutions with the latest technologies and modalities. She is pleased to offer digital dental x-ray imaging when taking images of the smile. Digital imaging has several benefits over the use of more traditional imaging means, such as conventional film x-rays that can result in excess radiation exposure that isn’t necessary for most.

What are digital dental x-rays?

Digital dental x-rays are a type of dental x-ray that uses digital technology instead of traditional film. This means that the images can be stored electronically and viewed on a computer screen. They can help patients better understand the issues that have developed in the smile and give them a visualization of what needs to be done to bring their smile back to health. Because these images can be viewed on a computer screen in the dental office, it is easier than ever for the dental team to zoom in and out of the images to assist patients in visualizing their dental needs and seeing changes that can occur as they happen.

What are the advantages of digital imaging for patients?

Digital dental x-rays have many benefits over traditional film x-rays, which is why our team utilizes them. Some advantages include:

  • They are easier to store and share with other dental professionals.
  • They can be manipulated to view teeth and structures beneath the surface better.
  • They emit less radiation than traditional film x-rays.
  • They can be viewed on a computer screen and zoomed in and out for evaluation.

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