How we are keeping you safe and healthy

Cosmos Dentistry’s priority is to give every single one of our patients a healthy, safe, and clean environment. Each year our team takes a OSHA/ WISHA (by Occupational Safety and Health Administration/Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act) course recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association). This course is to educate us on infection control and to learn about the many ways to practice dentistry and maintain a sterile environment. Every product that we use to disinfect and sterilize is regulated and approved by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). In Mid March, our Governor has ordered all Dental offices to shut down and only treat emergencies based on the ADA guidelines. As we were closed, Cosmos Dentistry took this time to execute new changes to follow the social distancing guidelines. Cosmos team has the knowledge and background on how to keep a sterile environment. Our team wants to ensure a healthy, safe, and comfortable place for our patients. We made some changes to ensure this going on forward.

What to expect on your visit:

  • A COVID screening form must be filled out before you arrive to our office. This form will be sent out to you via email and text the night before your appointment. Please fill this out on any of your personal electronic devices.
  • Please wear a mask when you arrive at our office, and do not remove it until we ask you too.
  • To follow the social distancing guidelines and limit exposure, all appointments are patient only appointments. Any parties you have with you will have to wait outside of our waiting room. If you are bringing in a child under the age of 5 for their appointment, we ask only one guardian to come.
  • We will check your temperature and ask you to use hand sanitizer before you are seated in our office
  • As soon as you are seated in our dental chair, we will ask you to swish with our Peroxyl mouthwash for 1-minute long. This helps minimize bacteria in your mouth.
  • We have 7 medical grade air purifiers that run 24/7 in our office. This is to ensure our air is constantly being cleansed throughout the day.
  • We are using higher power suction during all procedures to prevent the spread of aerosols
  • All staff are screened and have their temperatures taken before the office opens
  • Kn95 and a level two mask will be worn at all times with every Cosmos team
  • Every patient COVID form will be screened by a designated Cosmos team member to ensure anyone who walks into our waiting room are symptom free and within CDC guidelines.
  • A team member will fog each operatory after each use to disinfect the air and kill any floating pathogens.
  • We are providing extra time to staff to ensure every part of our operatory is sterilized, disinfected and barriers are place for cleanliness to every patient.

What to expect at Cosmos Dentistry

Cosmos Dentistry offers comprehensive care. Comprehensive care involves all the screening of your health which is linked to the symptoms and the condition of your head/neck area. We will formulate an individualized treatment plan which fits your situation, need, and wants.

  • Preventative and Screening – First visit, teeth cleaning, x-rays, nutrition
  • Overhead movie from one of our streaming services during the treatment
  • Going over the question you may have and gather information including photos of your mouth, digital images, and nutrition
  • Dr. Poppe and Cosmos Team will share any findings, recommended treatment and an explanation of your plan
  • Teeth cleaning – Daily brushing and flossing help remove plaque and bacteria that accumulates on your teeth daily, overtime missed on the teeth plaque buildup and makes it difficult for your toothbrush and floss to remove. By visiting your dentist for a routine cleaning at least every 6 months. Your hygienist can assist you to achieve great oral health. A professional cleaning can prevent tooth decay and gum disease which are linked to your overall health. Our dentist may recommend more visits based on the condition of your teeth and gums to help sustain and provide healthy mouth.