Are you or a loved one bothered by bruxism in Bellevue, Washington? Don’t worry; just contact   Dr. Tokiko Poppe of Cosmos Dentistry. You will find how easily she tackles your complex problem.

Bruxism is a complex issue, but we have made the solutions simple for you!

Dr. Poppe

Unconscious clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep

Signs and symptoms - A sore or painful jaw joint upon waking up and unusual wear and tear on teeth

What is bruxism?

Our solutions for bruxism

Addressing the root causes of the problem


Wearing occlusal guards (mouthguards) when sleeping


Dr. Poppe is highly skilled in complex restorative dentistry in Bellevue, WA. A graduate of the Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, she has extensive experience and advanced training in all areas of dentistry.

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